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Our plan always was to get a 3rd car so I could work on one of them and still have transportation since things take longer than a weekend to fix.

We managed to find a way to get William a car from the same car lot we got the FIT....Then he lost his job.
He has found another and will start the end of the month but that still means 3 car payments a month.
It also means COBRA insurance at $1300 a fucking month.


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welll shit...okay...so now that car#1 situation has been taken car of it's time to return to making car#2 at least safe to drive...we still had just enough money to buy some ball joints and rent the tool but..nope...A its to late for the tires to give any more life as there is a wire showing.. and B there is zero way this removal tool will work for this car..If the car parts places around here had a different tool then it would be okay but I can find no way of making this tool work, nor can a friend of mine. Seems the only way is to remove the entire steering knuckle and use the tool up side down to push out the joint. So, right now what we have is a car that we are paying $460 a month for that has had one after another issues in a way that is made it not possible to dump high maintenance costs into and its reached the point of being no longer drive able.

What has gone out so far is...water pump, steering fluid high pressure lines, steering rack and pinion, plugs, wires, purge valve, EVAP control, and a spark module.

it requires still, breaks all around, rear rotors, tires, upper ball joints, lower ball joints, the control arm joints.

The rims leak at some small cracks at the inner wells where someone has ran each of the rims over curbs, there is a engine temperature sensor code and the shocks are shot to the point that the thing bounces around like trying to walk on a 1970's water bed and it uses more oil than it should.

Minimally I need upper ball joints and two used tires but the shop cost on uppers is beyond what we have right now and I am sure they will not let you drive away with wires poking out from the tires.

For now its double duty on car sharing which equals not as much sleep as we need since for now we work different shits.
Going to call up the buy here pay here rape you place and see what they would do if we offer to sign the title back to them and walk but..we still own $6,000

any ideas?


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car aquired

I was able to get things in order and now have a nicely used little car....Good bye PT. You did your job and although in the end your crappy engineering was the death of you, you were a good car.


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So…William has been working stupid amounts of 13 hours shifts and during a holiday.
His pay check will be nice and fat, we had around 600 also set back so far so we were hoping to then go out and find a cheap car to buy from an individual and also order the parts needed to fix the front end of his truck.

Family member on the other side of the US passed away so a good chunk of the 600 has gone to drive out there and put things in order and all that.

The front end of his truck is really bad, tire is to the wires now and I am having a hard time keeping it on the road. It needs upper ball joints and I had figured that there would still be enough money to get the parts and get them installed while he was away for the week.

On my way home to fetch him to go get the rental car and my motor goes foom.
It’s been towed home, I’ll try to resurrect it this weekend. something has gone catastrophic with that timing belt I replaced.

We are/will be drained of finances again…I need a different car but I have no money and my credit score is 600.

I have some dental work that needs done before I lose some teeth over it.

Williams truck needs work ASAP, upper ball joints and arms and some tires will hold it over but it has other issues.

I need new glasses and a jacket for work.

The video card on my already old and mostly put together from stuff I was given computer has died.


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A note


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well...update on the car. Compression test says things are fine. Replaced the spark plugs, wires and it runs a lot better. Ordered some hoses and the EGR system.

I am currently in chicago for a week doing some training for work. Nearly everyone in my class is a total noob or totally new to this brand so that makes things interesting.

I have had a sore throat for a few days, kinda comes and goes but right now its kicking my ass....well, i have homework to do, better get to it.


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Well...The truck is running.
It was not just plugs, one of the spark modules died.
My car still runs, still gets good gas mileage but has a lack of power/stutter under load and is using 2 quarts of oil every 5000 miles.
I ordered a tool, compression testing kit which i am guessing is going to tell me the rings are shot.

Part of me still wants to fix the thing up but part of me wants to just get another car.
Only have a few hundred saved up, can't really afford a car payment not sure what to do.

Truck still needs a full suspension rebuild, rims, tires, some seal here and there and a sensor or two.
Car would still need shocks, CV joints, Clutch.



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When do we win?

Still runs like crap and still is popping a misfire code.
Hoping it's just fowled up plugs from the evap issue.
Out of money right now, will have to baby it for now.


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sell it to you


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On Friday my Mother in-law passed away.
Shirley Vario, I knew you not long enough to know you well but I own you a debt of gratitude.
It was her that got my husband on that dating website where we met so I have her to thank.

Until we meet again, be at piece.


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Be at Peace Little Cat
Be at Peace Little Cat

Meouth healed up from her loosing an eye but her body never caught up.
She never gained up any weight and while happy and fine she took a turn this weekend and decided it was her time.

She is with Mr. Speckles and Miss FancyLu now.
She was loved and I'll see her again some day.


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well one of the fun things about having a car or truck with some miles on it is the things that wear out...


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We are down to our last $150 ... fuel line fix lasted until today.

Won't have any money until Monday after quitting time.

I might be able to replace the line with regular rubber fuel line but i am sure it will rub against something and fail sooner than later.
...i drained and saved what i could from the tank, just filed it, can't afford to loose it all...GD tired of everything being a struggle.

We work hard...we have nothing to show for it...no backup plan, no savings, no equity, no retirement, we barely spend anything on entertainment...whats the point?


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