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House project continues

It's been said that I stopped taking pictures and documenting the ongoing remodel/fix-up of the house.
Well...yah, I have. I won't be keeping up the other parts of the blog like the house project page or the bio page.
Really nobody does their own online blog anymore except us old nerds.
Mostly online blogging has been replaced with what we ubiquitously refer to as social media.

Anyway; life got in the way, money dried up, various disasters ..etc..
The kitchen, living room and dining space were patched up a bit and covered with cheap covering.
This go us by rather well for years but the materials used for the floor by whomever built the place is garbage.
It's retains anything spilled on it, crumbles and smells bad.
It was always the plan to come back in fix it up, it just never happened.
well, the kitchen floor is coming apart and the dining area really stinks.
With gracious help from my mom, this project has once again re-booted.
It's going to be more difficult due to there being 3 of us here in this house but it's got to be done.
Shadow seems very eager to assist.

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Just been really busy with life and work and work and also work.
Managed to scrape together the down payment on a replacement vehicle.
Got a nice looking 2017 Sante Fe.
I found a mostly full service history in the glove box, looks the the previous owner always too it to the dealership for things.
Had it for a month, noticed a nice oil leak.
Brought it in as it's still covered under warranty.
Its coming from the timing cover, which should not be that big a deal to fix.
Picked it of, drove around for some errands, it through an engine code and leaks more now that before.
Brought it right back, seems the tech got goop in the variable cam timing actuators, which they had to order and now they think the oil is leaking from the cam timing actuators covers.
It's been 2 days, after my treatment today I am going down there and face to face find out what the deal is.


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Just a small vid of some of the stuff I work on.


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Not had much to say as I have just been busy doing day to day treading water.
now this happened.

Have not managed to pay off the monies spent on the Dallas trip and my line of credit is currently full do to some restructuring and consolidation. Also the truck is not payed off so this issues outcome is likely not going to work out in our favor.


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Making beef stew in the crock pot.
Started with cubed round steak seasoned with salt, pepper, tyme, garlic powder, crushed bay leaves and some rosemary pan fried in a little olive oil.
Reduced drippings with tomato sauce.
In goes diced turnip, potato, carrots, Worcestershire, Tabasco, the reduced tomato sauce and a can of crushed tomato that have been blended, 2 cans of water.
Slow simmered for awhile.
In goes diced bokchoy and leek and low heat simmer.


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New Internet !
New Internet !

AT&T has done diddly squat in infrastructure updates around here.
So we switched to a T-Mobile 5g cellular hot spot.


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Well the latest issue is HAL7 decided to die...
We have been noticing that it was randomly rebooting or going into a reboot cycle.
Thought it was a software issue and was digging into that but then it decided to turn off and not come back on...Meep!

HAL7 is older hardware, being an HP Proliant ML350 G6.
Come to find out my raid array was not being backed up either and the raid itself can't just be plugged into something else and recovered that way.
Online research suggested it was the power supply back plane distribution board. I can't find anything visually out of place like a leaky capacitor and were were about to give up hope.
Found ONE article online that shows soldering on a switch and manually forcing the power supplies to turn on. Currently its back up and running and we have completed a manual backup of the data.

I may pull the board back out and replace caps, we will see.
Usually older server hardware parts can be found online for pretty cheap but not this one. We can find it, but its in the $200 range.

Lesson learned is to verify your backup solution.


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not been much of anything interesting to post about.
work, eat, sleep, poop, repeat...
just the same struggle of trying to keep the bills paid and the bellies full...gets old


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I have not felt much like posting anything, but here is the latest.

The only saving grace was that we were able to take advantage of the Memorial Day sales.


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Rest in piece Mr. Prince

He passed away tonight in my arms. Rest well kitten, I hope to see you again some day.

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So, Mr. Princes fur has been in need of some attention due to him being old and having hyperthyroid - which means his poops are not solid, frequent, and sometimes wet.

I have been working on some of his tangles from time to time but it was time for time to take a bath. He used to love baths when he was a baby but not anymore. I got most of his fur clean and clipped out several clumps but one was being a pain and he was being wiggly...anyway, i cut him tried to clip it out. Took a nice chunk of furskin out. We managed to get him to the vet today as a drop off/work in. They were going to try just tranking him to shave his belly and work on the spot. Probably will need a stitch to bring the fur skin together and allow it to heal. It's more of a risk putting him fully under being 18 years old, though he is healthy otherwise. The cut is on his inner thy

Right now all I know is that they are keeping him overnight as he is really drunk, I don't yet know what the outcome of the wound is, nor if they had to fully put him under.
I'll know more tomorrow.


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I don't get the chance to buy stuff for my self often.
Been saving up the money and have ordered the new Zelda Tears of the Kingdom edition nintendo switch.
Good luck getting my attention once it come in.


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Solved !

Doing some cleaning and organisation and we came across this guy.
Brand new in the box, it's a nice one too. Very smooth movement.

Anyway...Most people can get one side of a cube solved without much headache.
There are a few ways to solve these things but the easiest to do for normal people is to solve one side, then the next row down. After that comes pacing the last faces corner blocks and finally rotating them to the correct orientation. It can all be distilled down into algorithms. There are tons of different ones if you look around online. There are even simple ones that if repeated over and over, the cube will solve itself. Realistically you only need a few to solve it. There is the Moving a cube left and down, moving a cuber right and down, rotate a cube in place. Things get a little tricky for the last layer but again there is only a few move sets to use.

I can get mostly done with the second phase on my own but then i need to use some of these structured algorithms to finish it. I'm sure with work it would be pretty easy to memorize the move sets.
Cube Solve Is a good place to look.

Now for those speed that just takes a different type of brain, they are able to visualize all the faces AND how the algorithm effects each piece AND intermix the algorithms together to move multiple pieces in different directions.


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