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We had like maaaybee 3 inches of powder. Nice easy to drive on snow powder...You did NOT pre-treat...What you did do was plow off all the nice grippable snow and expose road...which in 17 degree temps meant they are now wet with water from the sun which turned into a shiny sheet of glass the moment the sun started falling. There were 20 people off the interstate on the way home as they were bumper to bumper in the 'clean' side of the road and sliding all over the place. I was doing 60 in the un-plowed side in my sub-compact with no computer controlled traction assist front wheel drive.


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So as you know, I roller over a dead deer in the middle or the Interstate coming home at night.
Someone else hit the thing and of course, left it in the middle of the road. Someone about a mile in front of me also hit the thing. Its dark and just over a hill so there was little to no time to react to the lump. I managed to center the car over it but that was all I had time to do. The truck in front of me was disabled by the impact, breaking his radiator. Ditto to me as it folded my radiator in half.

Progressive insurance company was fast and polite and did a great job.

The towing company not so much but it all got worked out...6 hours into setting at the side of the road…

The collision center did not have much of a job to do; Radiator, AC condenser, radiator support lower, guts and stuff hanging under the car, passenger floor pan bent up, mid frame stabilizer bar bent, broken muffler hanger.

They did the radiator, condenser and lower radiator support with paint and literally nothing else and they left some things unattended with the radiator.

It took a week, nothing wrong there but I got zero updates or feedback at all from them. The day of pickup all the guy there would say is that I pay my part over there. I asked if he knew where they put my tow bolt but all he would do was bring up a terrible phone photo as some sort of proof that it did not have one...One, the picture did not show the part of the car where the bolt screws into. Two, I put the bolt there myself while waiting for a tow so the tow guy did not have to dig it out from where it’s stored in the car. I went to the pay window and tried to have the same conversation however big but Betty was not going to get off her ass and would not give keys without payment.

I found the bolt...also my car stank like rotting flesh...and made some odd noises.

So over the weekend, I had the car in the car port at home up on blocks so I could wash the under carriage and hand dig out guts and bone in the cold. The noise was the muffler resting on top of the mid frame bar, which was bent up several inches. I removed the broken muffler hanger for now and reformed the structure bar. There is also a holding bracket assembly that holds up all the fuel and return lines that is all bent. I will have to remove it, reform it and put it back on some other day. I don’t want it to rub holes in the fuel or return lines. They did nothing about the passenger floor pan, easy to fix by just walking around inside the car. They did nothing about the oil filter with a big damn dent in it either. They also clipped off all of the wire ties that run along the top of the radiator fan shroud assembly rather than unhook them so now that wire harness is just resting on top of the shroud and could fall into the fan blades. I’ll have to purchase new clips.

I will never have another vehicle there for any repair and they are permanently off the list of places to ever purchase a new or used vehicle.


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I have been meaning to put up a a post about a project I did.
That being some small engine work I did on a mower but time has not allowed.
Was also going to post about getting Wuf a different car as the G6 is a POS and drinks oil about as fast as it leaks it..not had time...
Was going to update about the fact that the house's heatpump shit the bed and had to be replaced but....

Coming back home from Dad's where we did a family gathering for the holiday and I hit a dead deer carcass in the middle of the interstate.

It was dark, speed was 70, I saw something in the road but only could straddle the large part. There was something else to the left that we are not sure of what it was.
Someone hit the deer and kept going...
There was a small truck about a mile in front of me that also hit the carcass and disabled their vehicle, busting their radiator.
I pulled safely off after going over the deer, no air bags or crash.

The radiator support, radiator and AC are broken on mine...at first look, I felt that was most all the damage but when the tow truck came like 2 hours latter...Small pool of oil...
That's not good...Hopefully its just the oil filter as it's pretty exposed and right in the front of the engine...When I got the car some moron had removed the underskirt which probably would have protected everything in the motor though I would still have the radiator support and radiator damage.

The car is in a holding place for the night and will be taken to the body shop in the morning..I should know more then.

I am going to guess that my shitty luck will mean the car is totaled.


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Tried all the things..nothing seems to keep them away.


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It would have been your 46th.
We still miss you.


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Just some updates on something I did weeks ago and forgot to upload


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Fix one thing and one or two another breaks….

So way back in January I got 2 tires and 2 TPMS sensors for my car.
The tires, it was simply due for and the sensors was because the TPMS light came on.
The light was on when I got there and was still on when I left. I assumed the car would auto-learn and since it needed to be above 40 degree to do that I waited. 50 degree weather finally arrived and still no reset so I did what I should have done to begin with and researched. My car will not auto-learn, you have to enter the sensor information into the PCM. For various reasons I have waited until now to get it fixed. I few weeks ago I went to the place I got the tires and the sensors at to begin with to ask some questions and mention what my research showed and if they would clarify and agree but the 12 year old working there was being a smart ass. I returned a week later to ask another person but he was 13 years old and also a damn smart ass. Luckily this auto tire discount store also has a store on the other side of town and I took it there. I explained what went on thus far and what my research pointed to and if they would verify and program. The guy handling my case was older, not quite my age but he basically said...yes, you have to program in the information into the PCM pretty much for all cars and that the younger people generally do not know their ass from a hole in the ground.

Not only did the other store not program the PCM, they would not have been able to because the two TPMS sensors they did replace were keyed to the same information. His scanner showed two sensors with the same ID’s and that would never work. First, the car needs to see 4 sensors and second seeing one sensor ID with overlapping transmitted data would freak out the TPMS module.

Got the car back and no TPMS error, just a TPMS warning flashing light...which IS normal as the car needed to be driven for a while. We drove around a bit and YAY! No error lights now.

Back to home to mow the yard and...UM...nope, the tractor will not start. No crank, no lights, no nothing….battery is good, fuse is good but there is no power. Must be a wire issue or the keyswitch….I’d just push mow but that mower is also fucked. The rings are shot and it smokes after getting hot then drinks all its oil.

Oh! also the attic vent fan died...Now that its 90 degree outside and will be over 100 up in the attic crawl space, I’ll have fun replacing that thing….


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United Healthcare has been trying for several years to switch those of us on Remicade to Inflectra.

Inflectra is biosimilar, not an exact copy so no guarantees, It's main side effects is respiratory infections and bronchitis so good luck with that.

Remicaide's main side effects are stuffy nose and headache.

It's only about $300 cheaper for the insurance company but considering that its an infusion just like Remicade, it's still going to cost about $30,000 a treatment anyway so I'll not see any change.

The only way I can afford to hit my max out of pocket expense every single year for the past 20+ years is a rebate from the Remicade manufacture and there is no guarantee I'll get any rebate from the Inflectra people.

Our system is broken


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July 4th weekend stuff
July 4th weekend stuff

Well...got up early to mow the yard...Mower said NOPE

Went to our town's fireworks display - it was okay, not as good as years past.
Went to Wuf's family for a family food gathering.
Decided to grill out the next day - it was goood!


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Lets see its 4:30 and all I have had to eat today is a twix bar.
Supposed to work until 11 then have a lunch before leaving to get my 8 weeks treatment of Remicade but did not leave until 11:45 so no lunch.
My service technician called in sick today as well so me leaving meant nobody is running service calls at work.
Wuf's car is back to no crank no start when the starter is hot...been fine all winter and now that its in the 80's...Going to order another new starter for it.


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Round one of the covid shot.

No real issues other than my arm is sore where the shot was.

If i grow extra appendages, I'm hoping for another arm or a tail.


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Well, I was working on Justin's car this weekend. It was a followup to when I did the spark plugs and noticed the head gasket leaking. It was a pretty straight forward replacement and I took my usual little videos for my you tube channel.

I put the videos together in windows as the Linux movie editors are all way more complex and feature rich than I need. I was copy paste from the phone to a folder which was going on the background while I was working on deleting no needed old pictures off the SD card in the phone. Windows decided I needed a popup notification about something unsolicited in the notifications which I dismissed at which point I hit the delete key to delete the unwanted pictures I was selecting. Unbeknownst to me windows had changed the focused window to the one containing the video files (3 windows under the visible one) and so the video files were lost. I was not able to recover them, somehow the recycle box was set to not prompt and for some reason the files bypassed it anyway nor was I able to recover them off the phones SD card ... Thanks windows for being such a POS.


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This is Mrs. Niki.

She has been a stray that comes and goes for the past few years, very skittish and would run away from you and not come in close contact.
She basically just rooted around in the compost pile looking for scraps and then would leave.

She befriended the family of raccoons that visit the houses here and would get fed with them.

Over time I have managed to get her to trust us enough that she would not run away though would not let you come within a few feet of her.

Last year she finally let me touch her and a few weeks later she finally let me pet her. She lowered her head to give a head but and I gave her a good petting. You could see a light went off in her head and she remembered that pettings are a nice thing to have...And she wanted more. She would get petted and talked to when I came home and then before bed time as well as when William went outside to smoke, but she remained very skittish and would run from you if you moved. She now had a regular feeding schedule and mostly just hung around the house. One day she took over a cardboard box I had on the car port and that became her new hide out. I eventually moved the box against the wall of the house, then added a second box to give it a semi-roof. then blankets. I tried to get her to go into the garage which still has a cat door. She understood the cat door and would immediately vacate the garage if I took her into it and then stopped petting her. Box was upgraded to large copier box with a door opening, foam glued to the insides for insulation and a cat bed for winter. It got quite cold this year so I added a plug-in warming pad. She seemed quite content and became box house cat. we tried to coax her into the house many times but she would have nothing for it. One of the nights it got down to 6 degree and I got worried because she was gone all day, finally coming home in the night. The next morning she was acting odd, following me around and meowing. Like a typical loaner stray, her fur was not the best; she had ear mites and while enjoying the petting, regular meals of good food and a warm and dry place to live she seemed frumpy. Anyway...I scooped her up and gave her cuddles to get her good and warm and brought her inside. She was scared but did not mind and was not trying to escape the house. Prince is a pretty quiet cat and doesn't seem to want anything to do with Niki. He is an old cat and mostly stays in the office as it's HIS room. Shadow was all hissy and yelled a lot. I spent the next few weeks sleeping on the couch, Niki would come and sleep with me or near me. She got broad spectrum parasite stuff and you can tell it makes a big difference. Her ears are dirty still but no longer hot to the touch, eyes are clearer, her belly is not bloated and she is shedding like mad which is being replaced with soft clean fur. At first she would find places to hide and or face the wall but did not meow or howl or try to exit the house when we opened the door. Generally you want to give a new cat coming into a house with existing cats a room to have alone and let them come to each other on their own terms but this is a small house and I had no such room. Lots of visible play time with Shadow (when he was not being a hissy little bitch) eventually Shadow decided its play time with Niki and they have been spotted playing together. Niki is playing, running around and being a cuddle monster. She is a BIG cat, its hard to capture size without a reference but her head is fist sized. She looks to have been fixed and I think she is one of the pizza places stray kittens. At one point the place attracted a small colony which they took donations for to have them fixed and released a few years back. She has a few battle scars, missing some bits of here ears which is where her name comes from. She has a large nick missing from one of them. She has turned into a big sweet kitty, Shadow is happy to have someone to play with (Prince is not a player). Hopefully she will teach Shadow some manners as he is an asshole and she is twice his size with claws (he was front de-clawed) but i doubt it.


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