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Next - The bathroom and exterior wall - the bathroom tub was a one piece fiberglass unit that was falling apart and leaking due to its age. also the floor joists under it were bad - the main water damage to the house was done just behind the tub where the utility closet is. Seems a long leaking washing machine was the culprit. So...out comes the tub (in pieces) the floor and joists and the exterior wall. Termite damage and in order to get a new tub/shower unit it; you have to go through the wall as it will not fit through a standard 36 inch door and make the corners necessary to finagle it into the house. I upgraded the new floor to tile (^_^) [my first tiling job] and fixed some oddness with the wiring. This was the most massive undertaking yet as it could not be patch up over the week - So this is how i spent a weeks vacation, also my father came down to help with the work and use of his truck/trailer to get the needed supplies (Thanks Dad and Phillis)


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So heres the story...mom took care of me for a long time when i was struggling with Crohn's. This is her house, and over the years it kind of got a bit run down and was lacking in some much needed upgrades. We knew for sure that there was some real issues with the house when the back bedroom floor fell away from the baseboard 5 inches and you could punch to the outside world! The structure of the house was compromised by termite damage and water damage cause by a drainage issue and the previous owner letting a massive leak behind the washer go un-controlled. I don't have the early pictures - i wish i did - as the back bedroom had to have the entire floor, sub floor, and all the floor joists replaced. the 'siding' of the house is little more than crushed paper and retains water something terrible. The remodel includes replacing the siding, upgrading the wiring(the damn breaker box was on the outside of the house), gutters, soffets, insulation upgrades, 1/4 of the floor joists in the house replaced, totally gutting the bathroom, building a new kitchen, replacing all the doors and windows...So yeah its been a bit more that i can handle both fintually and i seem to be the only one actually working on the damn thing...but i am getting there.


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