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Tears of the Dragon


  08:50:06 am by Vincent The Dragon, Categories: Announcements [A]

What to say...hrmmm...
Been really busy at work and home – getting ready for to see my Scott ^_^
We are going to spend most of a week in closer proximity, i've been giddy with anticipation..I wish i could jump in the truck right now, drive like 400miles/hr to give him a kiss as he heads out for work.

It feels more, for lack of a better word, Right this time..I mean the relationship. I learned and loved and still do Qat and Ty. They will forever have a place in my heart, not matter where i am. I do wish they were near..I will see them again some day, i promise.

Long distance relationships are hard...i know, “no Shit” right?...Well i think we do pretty good with what we have. We have known each other for little over a year..my how it seems longer. Perhaps its the feeling of familiarity or oneness that makes the time seem longer for me...The fates are a damn silly bunch, placing us on this Earth so far apart...Well some day that will change, Dragons have wings after all...

There is a picture of you Scott, on my tack board of you in front of that neat building..your wide smile ^_^ It makes me smile when i see it too, on the outside and in...makes me warm, happy, longing.

Far to long had they been
Those secrets of my mind
Far to long were there
things I should have said
The darkness of all, I was lost in fall
searching for reason
searching for time

I waited for that winter sun and that cold light of day
emerged in ghosts of childhood fears
the pressure built until stand it more, I could not

I threw myself in the sea of feelings.
I let those waves wash over me.
The fear of Love I did face
Dragon's tears of sad, turned then to glad
The wings I had now could fly
and I shed those tears I could not cry
My self that was behind the ice
I feel him now as your warmth made to break the ice
I have little power of this, and you know I am still afraid
those walls they have crumbled
the water is moved away, the me I was has slipped away
and as I slowly stand on the beach, all cold remains of the me I was before
are burned away by the warmth of you

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This is my first attempt at blogging and replaces my original web site that has been online since...a long time ago. If you came looking for The Dragon BathHouse and Cafe, this is it's replacement. There will be lots do do here and if you are not carefull you will learn all about me. I might learn about me as well, along with metting and/or learning about you and that's the whole point isn't it ?


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