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  09:20:45 am by Vincent The Dragon, Categories: Announcements [A]

Well lets see...nothing much of interest happen lately...
Spoke with an online friend Friday – we talked like until 2am !

He has suggested that i mirror this blog in LiveJournal – i need to look into that. Seems that a lot of furs have LJ and hey, i could use all the advertisement i can get – you never know I may attract the attention of my potential mate or at lease some new friends.

Have been giving serious thought the moving to a new local. Somewhere where i can start out being the furson i am and not the one i have let the world around me see...but...I like where i am at as far as the cost of living is low and I have a good job...I still have a few years to go on this house remodel and then likely a year or more to get financially fit so I have plenty of time to mull it over.

Spring is here. The world outside my window is coming a live...so is the grass...i spent a while yesterday cleaning out the garage, putting away crap that has been in the yard and took the tractor deck apart. Bought some new blades and a new safety switch for the electrical system that has been giving me fits...i need to go out there an finish that up...

Today I start my liquid diet and tonight the prep – yuck – for my yearly colonoscopy.

The prep has gotten better over the years but the act of cleansing and the lack of food is not much on the fun factor – the procedure itself – who knows, the meds you are given make you wake up in the recovery room with zero knowledge of the procedure you were awake for...I dont like that, i would rather have memory of what happened, even if there was pain involved.

The busyness of the past weeks work schedule has left my lair in a mess...i will be spending most of the day cleaning- i find myself daydreaming – wishing there was someone here with me – oh the fun we would have 'cleaning' the lair...


Comment from: IGivedAHitOnTheKeybAndThisIsTehName  

I haven’t read the text at all but a phrase hitted me. That one of the liquid diet (and the word “colonoscopy").
I’ll suggest you something for “yo blo!":
- Don’t write so much offf*ck, please!
- Put some images lol (search for gugolz pitch)
- Say Something (What?)
- Ahah, the last one was a famous quotation
- Aha, the last one was a quotation too
- WHYI’mWritingThosehings?
- IDon’TKnow
- The last suggestion
- The last really
- BOOM (here comes the) BOOM (ready or not) taratarataTA, taratarataTA
- Guess what! No one gives a shit ;D

Post Scripthowtowritethis: teh eMail will be not displayed, is that true?

03/13/07 @ 03:32 pm
Comment from: asd  

I agree with teh users:


03/13/07 @ 03:38 pm
Comment from: Vincent The Dragon

Its a Web Log - you are suposed to write stuff

Pictures are mostly in the gallery, web sites are for to have content, bling is for morons and AOHell’ers

And yes, i know nobody gives a shit.

Really, learn to write something coherent , maybe a literature class or something.

Lastly, yes your e-mail account is not posted and the respond to email scripts have been disabled for all but certain users.

03/13/07 @ 05:59 pm

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