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Who is this Vincent, and whats with the dragon thing?


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O.K, so you want to know more about me do ya?
Well, for starters I'm a Dragon...Really.
it's hard to explain, but here goes...

Some people have an attachment to a certain animal or being. Some call it their Spirit Guide, or dream scape self image, perhaps your Chi, inner self, or true form.
Some people feel they were another form in a past life or that they will become this form sometime later.

See, i told you it's hard to explain.

i would call myself a fur, furry, or furfan that leans more towards Spiritual Therianthropy(contherianthropes ).

If you feel comfortable with those words, great.

If you have an opinion already formed you may need to re-think it

If you are not comfortable with these words, may i suggest the following links.

These are difficult, deeply personal and very hard to explain. Although Wikipedia is an open-source form of information, i have found that often times more that not, if you are looking for information on things that are not considered normal mainstream ideologies it's a good place to start. i would suggest setting down in a comfortable and quiet place, clearing your mind and reading the entire articles in the order i have listed them. You may begin to understand, you may be confused beyond all recognition, or you may just learn something about yourself and me at the same time.

Lets see, what else. I'm (born in 1972, tired of editing this so you do the math), male, in a long term relationship and I love my Wolf and we will soon be married(married now). We have a slight open relationship but always looking for friends; here is a what I was looking for in a Mate page. I have been a Star Trek fan since the Original Series, I like British comedy and Sci-fi in general. I am a computer hardware guy and can fix just about anything that moves or uses electricity; that's the good 'ol country boy in me, self sufficient. That and it gives me a reason to stay away from the general population. I have been involved with the BoyScouts of America since i was a CubScout and became an Eagle Scout after which i worked my way through the local technical college from which I hold an AAS in electronics. I returned as a leader for a time but quit when I came out of the closet. I am an outdoorsman and an environmentalist by nature. I feel a deep connection the the spirit of the earth and the lesser creatures that inhabit her wilderness; that's the dragon in me (Although I have very strong fox ties as well). i suffer from Crohn's disease and have done so since i was 15. It took me out of the loop of normal social development at a critical age and I think its one of the main reasons i am socially dysfunction (but i have been working on that from time to time). In life outside these walls during the working hours I masquerade as a service manager for a small company that sells and services mail-room and copier equipment. Although I am the manager, I still run service calls and can out technician all of my staff. I share my house with several furbabies, although in the past there were more today we have two indoor cats. I used to read a lot but haven't found the time or will to do so for some several years. Still i think you can learn much about a person by the literature he enjoys so in no particular order are some of my favorites below. I spend a few hours a night generally hanging around in Second Life

The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit
and various works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
I read The Hobbit first, when i was in grade school. It was the biggest hard bound book in the library there. A beautiful leather bound issue that must have been donated. i spend many a recess there reading it rather then being ignored or beat-up on the playground. The librarian would not let me take the book home and i agreed, it was too special a book to leave the confines of the library. Thus was born my love of fantasy and hard bound books.

The Coldfire trilogy by C.S. Friedman
I cried when Hesseth died.

Various books of Dune by Frank Herbert
I read all the way up to Chapter house and haven't picked up the series again. Every time i re-read them i got more and more out of them, the are a superbly complex masterpiece.

The Once and Future King, T.H. White.
This one we had to read in High School literature. i was so pissed when the unicorn was killed that i threw the book accost the room in anger.

The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy
The trilogy (all five of them), Douglas Adams.
i get a lot of my sarcastic humor form this one, loved it.

The PERN series of books by Anne McCaffrey.
When i first read The Dragon Riders of PERN, it was during a weekend when i was still in high school. My Crohn's was in full swing then and i was...not well. i did not have the energy to do much else, so i picked up the book and started reading. My mother bought it for me for some reason i don't remember. i read the entire thing, non stop, without pausing for sleep. i read it slow taking it all in. Ruth was the character i most felt connected to. i remember tearing up several times in that one. It was shortly before reading these books that i was exploring my dragon self in earnest so this series hit some rather emotional cords.

Born on a Blue Day by Danniel Tamment
I did not actually read this, Scott sent me the book on CD. It brought tears in several spots as i saw insight into my own life. Choices and things in my past, the way I grew up...things clicked and gave me a retrospective insight as to who i am and why i do certain things. It makes me angry a bit as well that the signs in my life, the behaviour i was experiencing was not handled in a way that would have made my life easier to cope with - but - it would also mean i would not be the person i am today.

Well there you have it, you know know a bit about what makes Vincent the Dragon who he is. My mother will no doubt read this site at some point, i hope you understand mom, but don't push me into talking about it will yah...just don't. Well (looks up at what he wrote, wow thats a lot more words than i thought i would use) there will be more to follow but i think but if this gets any longer you will no doubt loose interest if you haven't already. Please feel free to contact me in any way you wish if you have questions, comments etc.

i can be reached by the following:


Yahoo IM: vincent_the_dragon

Second Life Name - VincentTheDragon Wei, usually hanging around Furlieu Lounge

Crohn's disease links's_disease

My Dragon Code is as follows:
DC2.D Gm L W- T- Phwalt Skh Cta\~+,bta+ Bfl/ic A Fr- Nn M O H--- $~ Fo R+ Ac+ J+ S? I---# V Q? Tc++[technition] E+

If you want to know more, just ask.

last edit 2/8/2016

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