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Me the Dragon


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My dragon form is similar to the representations I have seen of Celtic dragons only...furry..smaller..and a mix of vulpine, feline and canine...yeah...i is weird (^_^)

My size: I am human sized..ish..if you will. When standing on my rear paws I am just under 6 foot tall, on all fours, I think about 4 or so, but I never measured myself that way. Body shape is best described as a mix of other, more well known species. Dragons come in so many different styles, shapes and sizes. Overall, I am semi-anthro, more anthro than semi. While I do mostly walk around on my rear paws, I can tromp around quite nicely on all fours. My body is slender, muscular but not pronounced and feline in nature. Tail is certainly feline however its thicker at the base than a cat. Front paws are pentadactyl and just as dexterous as a humans but with small blunt talons that retract slightly. My palms are fur free as are the bottom of the tips of my fingers both being somewhat pink in color. Foot paws are somewhere in between digigrade and plantigrade but retain much of their digigrade look. Foot pads free are fur free as are the bottom tips of my toes, they are pink like my front paw pads. Wings are smaller than most, I am not built for long nor high flights. Wing arms are five digit and covered in the same fur as the rest of me with skin in between them that have a soft goat leather feel. My head is a mix of fox and feline, I have ears that are more fox like but a feline muzzle with soft short whiskers. My nose is not covered in fur and is pinkish of the same color as my pads, as is the inside of my ears. I have canine teeth but I only bite people that want or need it. My outer covering is a short soft fur. Coloring is a sandy, tan, brown mixture, not quite molted but not of a consistent coloring. Imagine it was painted with a real small paintbrush one dot at a time and all dots were of a different shade of tan then dry brushed together. By belly fur is the same but a lighter cream color. The lighter coloring starts at my chin, down to my neck where it widens across my chest, it narrows as it continues to my belly and along my front thys to just above my knees, it also wraps around to my rump a bit and down the bottom of my tail. I don't have any spiky bits but I have small back sweeping horns on my head, they are brown and covered in soft felt most of the time. My wing membrane is the same lighter color as my belly fur. Genitalia are fox/canine like with a sheath. I do breath a bit of fire, though nothing like they show in renderings and on T.V.. I filter out the nitrogen in the air with a special lung and chemically attach oxygen to it and store in an almost liquid gaseous state. A specialized saliva gland in the roof of my mouth chemically ignites the vapor, or I can expel it in the liquid/gas state and it comes out rather cold. It's good for starting small fires and I have become rather adept at conjuring up flaming snot balls.
I am a creature of the forest and am at peace sunning on a rock in the clearing of my woods. Unlike most 'dragons' I am warm blooded and consider myself to be a mammal.

I fly
I purr
I like to roll on my back in the dirt
I might lick you

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That is a wonderful beautiful and surprisingly cute fursona charactor. Normally i am not into much for dragons or any other reptile, scalie, or dinosaur type. This makes for a completely different view. And i must say, quite hot too. I consider myself very lucky to have such a special wonderful and sexy forest dragon like you as a real life friend and more!

From my heart, Mad Fox

09/22/18 @ 01:49 pm

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Herein lies my Bio page.

This would be the section of the web site where you will learn more about me than you likely wanted to.

...See what you get when you're not careful?

EEEP! it's me!

I am not the dog in the pic...

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