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Getting something done

It's a little past due and I have had the parts for awhile but it's either been raining for 40 days or cold or I am just too busy.

Since I have my work service car here at the house due to the pandemic. I felt it was time and the weather has been good.
I have a 2009 Honda Fit and its due for spark plugs and valve adjustment. Now, spark plugs are easy but I have never done valve adjustments so there was a little trepidation.

All in all, i did okay I think. The valves were defiantly off. Motor still ticks more than I think it should but time will tell if i messed anything up.

Next thing it is due for is replacing the coolant. Easy job, just got to order the funky blue stuff these Honda's take.
Car has 125,000 miles and I expect to get that much more at the very least.

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Amidst the country going bonkers over the current pandemic for which they are not really prepared to deal with due to being snowflakes and lacking in education and common sense...Our politicians have already started negative smear commercials over the failures of each others ability to lead the country.

To our leaders ~ You should all..ALL..be ashamed.

Right now people are hoarding, over buying and being utterly selfish and panicky. They are being led like sheep by the media and scare mongering. This is AMERICA and there is no food in the stores..YOU..You taught them this and you should look at what you have done with some thought and introspect.

Go now to the dictionary and look up the word 'Leader'; your name is not there.

And to the rest of you out there..Wash your hands. Use your brain. Realize that you are lacking in what made this Country what it was some long time ago and educate yourself in what should have been common sense.

In so much as social equality we have come a long way now if only we still had a moral core, humility and brains.


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As of a few days ago - it's my 10 year anniversary at the place I work.

It's never been a great place to work but things have gotten better.
The biggest issue is the lack of being able to find qualified people to work there.
As it is I do WAY more than most, I can't even take the 3 weeks vacation I get.
I am only allowed to take a day here and there and since the owners all get huge amounts of vacation time, what's left for me is slim pickings.
One day when i win the lottery, I can retire....



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Went to local grocery chain store to get some things and I wound up getting some meats and things.

I asked for paper bags at the checkout...the girl fiddled with the paper page not even being able to open the damn thing. She was clueless on how to bag and gave up, asking me to do it myself.

The human race is doomed you know, and this is proof...


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Well the SSL installed but I don't see anywhere to tell the thing to stop serving up the non SSL's of everything.


  10:42:00 am by Vincent The Dragon, Categories: Announcements [A]

Adding SSL to the website...lets see how bad I break things.


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Honey there is a hissing sound from under the sink.

Water tube that vampires off to run under the house and to the fridge was spurting.
Joy joy!

Luckily I had everything needed laying around to fix it fairly quickly.
...and now there is actually a shutoff valve installed to turn it off if it breaks again.


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Gobble Gobble

Okay, well maybe i'll sip sip


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Well let's see...

Upgraded the blog software and immediately get a ton of new registrations spam. I have put a Captcha question in place for new users and that seems to have stopped itbut I am going to work more on that later - also need to switch the entire site to https.

The septic tank backed up into the mains and was causing us a rather shitty problem - It's been like 10 years since the thing has been pumped so all in all it was a good run for it. All pumped out and seems to be back in business.

With family help, we got a ton of limbs trimmed back around the house and driveway. There is a rather large maple tree that is way to close to the house and is in the way of expanding the patio into something more useful. Being poor I can not afford to have someone come cut it down. The tree is beyond out skill in felling it without destroying halve the house or the garage. Thinking that I am going to get some climbing gear and take the top out bit by bit.

Wuf is settling into his new job and the increase in pay should help us get some debt down and perhaps actually have some money to work with.

I am on the fence about leaving my job, though it is NOT a good place to work and has zero upward mobility and is stagnant, I have a very small window of opportunity to move to something else without disrupting my medical insurance. Having to pay for COBRA is not possible nor is having 2 deductibles in a year. The cost of medical in this country is insane.

We have a housemate that will be moving in and I will expand about that later. For now, know that he is our Panda and we Luff him.


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It is okay to be jealous.


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Big Balls

Early Birthday Present !

The smaller one I got using a gift card That I was given..mm...last year....

I wore out my PokeMon GO Advanced wrist pog so the smaller ball is it's replacement.
The larger Ball is a portable power of 1200 mAH !!


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Did a little camping (RV) with my Dad and stepmom. It reminds me of how much I miss camping and that we would like to have the vehicle and RV to do such things.

Me and Dad were setting by the fire looking at the giant RV's and expensive trucks wondering how people can afford these things. I was wondering how I can afford anything.
There is $27 in my bank account and piles on piles of medical bills in the que as well as us not being able to pay our way without assistance from Mom in the form of this house we live in and the electricity it uses. Most everything we have is old, hand me downs, broken things that I have fixed or things other people have gotten for us. We got a couch recently but have not paid for it yet and that's about the only thing we have splurged on of any consequence.


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Come have a seat !

Our hand me down couch ..has had it.
The person that gave it to us did a wonderful thing and we appreciated it to pieces...literally !
..Screws keep falling out of it...also it was not very big so when we had company, they had not much places to set.

$750 at Big Lots - we have a year to pay it off and I know we can do it.


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Starter on Williams car is borked...no go unless you bang on it with a mallet.

If it's not one thing it's another, i still need to install swaybar links but have been busy. As is always the case we have no money.

Reman starter from local auto store = $200 and its not in stock
Reman starter from Amazon = $100 and that includes 2 day shipping cost ( the starter is only $65)

Well, that will not leave much $$ left to eat or gas but it's ordered.

One day..ONE DAY it sure would be nice to get ahead, live somewhat comfortable and be able to pay our bills - nothing exorbitant but not always on the verge of being destitute.


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