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1. What is your name?

2. What is your email address?

3. Are you male or female?

4. How old are you? / What is your date of birth?
September 30, 1972

5. Where do you live?
rural North Western Kentucky, south of Evansville, Indiana

6. What are your interests/hobbies?
Computer hardware, started rpging lately(failed), camping n hiking, cooking, watching movies.

7. What do you do for a living?
Copier repair technician + copier connectivity specialist (integrating copier into networks for scan, email, print etc)

8. How would you describe your personality?
shy, cynical humor

9. Do you believe in ESP? Do you consider yourself to be psychic?
yes, I have had instances of foreknowledge, mainly regarding family members

10. Are you a meat eater?
I am, however i do not believe in industrial factory farming and am for animals rights towards humane treatment. My ancestors had it right, when they culled a bison, they thanked the spirit of the bison for allowing itself to be taken.

Furry media

11. Who are your favorite furry characters?
hmmm...Krystal from StarFox, Sratfox, the Skunkworks skunks, Gadget, the guys from Associated Student Bodies, PB&J, and just about any male furry...

12. What type of furry artwork do you enjoy viewing?
natural poses, romantic, erotic.

13. What type of furry literature do you enjoy reading?
I don't read much anymore :( I don't have time.
erotic/romantic + adventure, sci-fi

14. What types of furry media do you create?
i have written bits and pieces of things but i am not very good at it, mostly centered around something yiffy.
Here is a recurring dream: He Hates The Night(this is dated and desperately need updated)
He Moves in Close (better but still sucks)(Since i came out of the closet i now look at my past writings i realize the problem - i Can write gay, i Can't write straight...i may re-write these at some point...he move in close was inspired by an rpg game i was involved with, the female character was played by a guy...thats why i felt attracted to hir)

15. What types of animal/furry themed decorations adorn your living space?
sculptures, plushies, posters, artwork, knicknacks.

16. Describe your ideal plushie.
Hmmm...never thought much about it...big, soft and fluffy maybe a purr box.

Costumes and collars

17. Do you enjoy wearing fursuits and/or furry accessories?
I have not had the opportunity. I have given it lots of thought but as a dragon, fursuits that i have seen don't seem to be what i would want. I have ideas rolling in my head about an animatronic tail and wings but have not had any time/money/space to undertake such a project...maybe someday

19. Describe your favourite/ideal 'furry' appearance.
having my tail and wings would be nice.


['phenotype' - the species of animal(s) that influence your feelings, emotions and thoughts]

20. What are your phenotype(s)?
Dragon and Fox

21. How/when did you discover the identity/species of your phenotype?
Over a long period of time. Some through lucid dreaming (which i can't seem to do anymore), Vivid daydreams and...conversations with Nature

22. What conditions help you to enjoy/express your furriness?
Being online and talking to others. Introspective thinking.

23. How and when was your furriness first evident?
To me? I always knew I was...different; but there was no defining moment.

24. How much of your furriness is 'instinct' vs 'learnt'?
Thats a tough one to answer. I'm sure there are degrees of both

25. How does your furriness influence your thoughts and emotions?
I've been known to growl and hiss...I don't see my furriness as a separate part of me. There is a certain duality there and they share the same thoughts and emotions.

26. Has your furriness improved the quality of your life?
no not really. No doubt it would be easier if I were "normal"

27. What do you think caused your furriness?
fear and loneness

Acting furry

28. How does your furriness manifest itself externally?
mainly vocally (hissing, purring, growling), walking digigrade sometimes at home, sometimes on all fours.

29. Do you act furry in public?
I have caught myself hissing at things and people before; but usually its more to myself.

30. How does your furriness influence the way you interact with people?
Again I think of myself as both human and dragon. Human on the outside, dragon in the inside; so to speak. I would interact the same no mater what form i was in.

31. How much control do you have over your furriness?;
No more or less control than any other person has over themselves.

Furry thoughts

32. Would you become an animal/furry, if you -couldn't- change back?

33. Describe your ideal physical form.
That would be:

34. What kind of furry, non-sexual fantasies do you have?
Flying in the clouds with my mate, feeling the mist of the clouds on my hide, the heat of exertion on my wing muscles, the sun on my back when I exit the clouds then soaking in the warm water of a hot spring followed by us sunning on a nice sunny rock. Roaming the night in Fox form, full moon, warm wind on my fur.


35. Is your furriness compatible with your religion?
I don't feel it necessary to tie myself to any specific religion, so no.

36. Has your furriness led you to reconsider your religious beliefs?

37. Have you ever communicated with an animal spirit?
i can communicate with the cats and dog that own me and seem to have a natural empathy with 'wild' animals. I have entertained deer, songbirds and skunks with conversation. I don't think they understood much but i do get some kind of feedback. They don't mind my close proximity to them and are engaged for a bit, until something extraneous (car passing, human sounds) interrupts our 'talk'

38. Do you believe that you were an animal in a former life?
no. I just am what i am

39. Do you believe that you have an animal soul?
no and yes


40. What animals are you most/least comfortable with?
Most: feline, canine, Vulpine
Least: spiders. Creepy little things catch me off guard sometimes but i respect them, and they can be beautiful.

41. Do you believe that animals have ESP?
some have levels of what humans would call esp. perhaps they just have more open minds and listen to the world around them.

42. Do you think it is acceptable to hunt/raise animals for food?
yes but they need to have some sense of well being. they need space and intellectual challenges(toys) to be emotionally fit as well as physically.

43. Do you think it is acceptable to hunt/raise animals for fur/leather?
yes and no. If you only hunt/raise for the animals covering or for the kill, you are wasting that creature.

44. Do you think it is acceptable to hunt/raise animals for sport?


45. What are your favourite websites?
Homestarrunner.com, other than that I follow a few web commics; KitnKay and peteristhewolf, Therithere. I surf the net mainly for information (Google is your Friend)but hang out mainly in news groups and mostly lurk or are there for the 'artwork'.

46. What are your favourite furry mailing lists?
not on any

47. How did you discover alt.lifestyle.furry?
just searching keywords in the news group headers

48. What were your very first impressions of alt.lifestyle.furry?
the posts I read were a bit....serious for me but i hung around for a bit until i decided that i would speak up.

49. What do you like the most/least about alt.lifestyle.furry?
haven't been around long enough to form a opinion...Again, i am more of a silent watcher but i will pontificate if asked a question or is presented with something of internal interest.


51. Describe your ideal partner.
I'm tired of living my life alone, at this point i have no other requirement other than living; but i want it to be mutually satisfying. I'm not looking for a fucktoy, i want a soul mate.

52. What type of furry sexual fantasies do you have?
Long, drawn out, romantic, lots of physical touching and caressing.

53. Has your gender preference changed since discovering the furry community?
no..er maybe a little

54. What species of animal do you find the sexiest?
In order: feline, dragon, vulpine, skunk, canine.

55. What part of an animal's body do you find the most attractive/sexy?

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