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Sunday afternoon yiff-fest on the kitchen table, just because we can.
Spending all of a Saturday cuddling in bed.
Someone to play video games with that wont get mad when I win but does not always loose.
Bubble baths together.
Wash each others backs in the shower.
Won't give me pity when my crohns disease acts up but gives silent empathy instead.
won't get all yucked out when it gets really bad.
Knows how to pitch a tent.
Likes to hike in the woods.
Can see the beauty in the weed growing on the side of the road.
Can hear the sound of the soul of the earth, setting silent in the woods.
Gladly willing to get up at 5 am to hike out to that cliff so we can watch the sun rise.
Spending a weeks vacation looking for Boinkerberries.
Knows the words from the theme from Star Trek the original series.
Is embarrassed at work when I send flowers for no reason.
Has to like dogs and cats.
Likes to live in the country.
Likes to shop together so we can go up and down the toy isle, playing with all the toys.
Participates in the soul cleansing of a good hard days work outside.
Is not afraid to get hands dirty.
Likes the feel of dirt.
Likes to wear a tail, and isn't afraid to do so.
Knows how to play air guitar to a smashing heavy metal riff.
Doesn't mind me taking over the kitchen when I am cooking.
Knows how to cook.
Likes to curl up together on the couch and watch a good sci-fi.
Can set through The Lord of the Rings Directors cut without getting bored.
Likes a good love story.

Willing to take a chance on that shy little Dragon standing in the corner, unsure about what to do and how to precede, by walking up and saying 'hi'.


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